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It is when we sleep that our brain gets enough rest to work fine and maintain the regular daily functions. However, this might be a problem if the person feels sleepy all through the day. When a person constantly feels tired and sleepy they are not able to concentrate on things they do. Things can affect the productivity of the person as such people can be seen falling asleep anywhere and at any point in time. No matter where they are and what they do they can doze off. This becomes an involuntary condition thus the person is not able to control the urge of falling asleep. So if you are one such person who is constantly struggling to stay awake all through the day then we will together look at ways that will help you to stay awake and help you to get back to living a normal life.

What makes you feel sleepy in the morning?

The feeling of sleepiness in the morning can be formed suffering from sleep disorders. This condition of excessive sleepiness is termed as hypersomnia. Factors that can lead to excessive daytime sleepiness are-

Night shift disorder- this sleep disorder is mainly seen in people who are constantly working at the night time. They work all night long thus not being able to sleep right at night. Thus the normal sleep routine of the person gets disturbed. This makes them feel sleepy all through the morning. Such people can also fall asleep even while working.

Narcolepsy- this is a neurological disorder that makes the person suffer from hallucination and sleeps paralysis. Such people are not able to sleep well at night thus making them feel sleepy in the morning.

Obstructive sleep apnea- this is a sleep disorder where the person is seen having an issue with breathing well at night time. This lowers the level of oxygen in the body of the person thus making the brain of the person alert. Thus the brain wakes up the person from the sleep to get back the normal breathing of the person back.

Ways to cure sleep disorder

One of the best ways to cure sleep disorder in a person is by the use of smart drugs. The use of a smart drug such as waklert affects the brain of the person thus helping them to feel energized. When the waklert smart drug reaches the body of the person it activates the production of hormones such as the dopamine and histamine that helps in promoting wakefulness in the person suffering from a sleep disorder. These hormones are also responsible for altering the transmission of the brain to the central nervous system in people with a sleep disorder. Thus helping the person live an active life.
Now no one would like to suffer from any kind of sleep-related issue. So before we get to suffer from sleep disorder here are a few ways that will help you prevent one from getting.

  •    Prevent the use of caffeine-containing products. This can stimulate the brain of the person thus keeping them up all night.
  •    Try to avoid the intake of the heavy meal at the night time.
  •    Try to avoid sleeping in the morning time. This can disrupt the sleepiness of the person. Thus making it difficult for the person to fall asleep.
  •    Make sure that the nights of the bedroom are not too bright. Also, try to avoid having speakers and television in your bedroom.

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